Hey guys! Thanks for watching, reading and listening. I just wanted to do a quick post to INVITE you to learn some chords along with my students. My students LOVE this video of us playing Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.* So, I thought I’d share the chords with you in the form of […]

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Music, Coffee and Environment

Music. It has been a long two weeks for my students and myself. Some students are finishing the school year. Others are heading off to in-person school for five days. Still more students are trying to figure out how to do a balance of online, in-person study and taking a break when they need one […]

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All About Piano

What do Hartmann’s Youkai Girl, Love Colored Master Spark, Piggy Horror Song, and Coconut Mall all have in common? They are songs that involve piano playing. In my studio, it’s all about piano. My piano students bring me songs they want to learn and I teach it to them. Especially since the pandemic, that has […]

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Sing and Play

One of the practice directions that my students feel most challenged by is the one where they are asked to “sing/say the words and play.” Sometimes students just outright refuse to sing and play at the same time. I usually try to encourage them to hum, whistle or recite the words just to have something […]

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Imagine that…

It’s Friday…Good Friday. We are wishing you a very “hoppy” and happy Easter weekend to those who celebrate. I was out and about in the New York City area recently and it seemed that many shoppers were getting ready for a barbecue celebration. They were purchasing grills, charcoal, lighters, lighter fluid and paper plates. It […]

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True to Our Hearts

Hello. I’m going to refrain from using exclamation marks. It’s only because I have some new members to our blog that will be reading this aloud. I’m so excited to announce that we are on Anchor.fm. I had heard about Anchor, but I wasn’t quite sure of how it worked. Special thanks to WordPress for […]

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