cmajorlogodesignToday’s homework is now posted!–Gather your books and read the following materials below:

First Steps in Music Theory Grades 1 to 5 Eric Taylor* – Read Grade 1 Section 1–Time Values: Crotchets, Minims and Semibreves.  Read Grade 1 Section 2–Bars and Time Signatures.  Read Grade 1 Section 3–Time Values: Quavers and Semiquavers.

The AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1 Eric Taylor* – Read Chapter 1: The Basics of Rhythm and Tempo.

Learning a Musical Instrument A Guide for Adult Learners Richard Crozier** – Read Starting Your Musical Journey

The Music of Black Americans A History Third Edition Eileen Southern*** – Read The African Legacy: Music in West Africa; The Role of Music in Society.

Eric Taylor Music Theory in Practice* – Work on Time values: Exercise 1; Exercise 2.  Work on Bar-lines and time signatures: Exercise 1; Exercise 2; Exercise 3; Exercise 4; Exercise 5; Exercise 6.

*Professor Eric Taylor, MA, DMus (Oxon.), Hon RAM, has wide experience as a teacher in schools, music colleges and universities, and as an Associated Board examiner.  His publications in crude The AB Guide to Music Theory, Parts 1 and II, and Music Theory in Practice, Grade 1, which has sold over a million copies worldwide.

*Richard Crozier is an experienced music teacher who has worked as Head of Music in comprehensive schools and as an area co-ordinator and woodwind teacher with Avon Music Service.  He has played and taught clarinet, and has also played saxophone or keyboard in many bands.  Richard was Musical Director of the Edinburgh Fringe for two years, and conductor of the Keynsham Orchestra.

***Eileen Southern is Professor Emerita of Music and Afro-American Studies, Harvard University.  The purpose of her book was to help the reader understand and appreciate several genres and many styles of music which, taken together, define African-American music in the United States.  She has chosen a chronological ordering of the materials, tracing the history of black music from its origin in Africa through its manifestations in colonial America and then in the United States, up to the present time.

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