New Homework!

New Homework is here!–You had an easy week last week, but this week we’ll make up for relaxing. How does that sound? Lol…I promise to make it fun. CMajor has spent the week thinking about what to talk about next. You may already know that tomorrow’s radio show over at The CMajor Radio Show will be about time values. Sixteenth notes and eighth notes and more on the upcoming show. CMajor also talked about in her pre-show today that she would like to assign homework that will get you thinking about your plans to learn a musical instrument. Please complete the questions below:


  1. Are you certain that you would like to learn to play a musical instrument?
  2. Do you know how much time you will be able to devote to learning to play the piano, for instance?
  3. Are you open to learning a particular style of music or do you want to learn to play several styles and genres?
  4. What type of support group do you have for learning to play a musical instrument?
  5. Do you already have a musical instrument, i.e. keyboard, digital piano, piano etc.?
  6. Does your living space accommodate proper practice?  In other words, will you be disturbing anyone when you practice your instrument at home.  If so, do you have an alternative place to practice, i.e. community space, rehearsal space, family member’s place, etc.
  7. Are you able to listen to recorded music, i.e. on a cd player, on a computer or mobile device?  If not, are you able to attend live concerts from time to time to further develop an appreciation for music and music making?

These are some basic questions that I like to discuss with my students.  If you can, get together with a music professional in your community and talk about what’s involved in learning an instrument.  I look forward to receiving your answers.  For extra homework, put together a checklist of ideas for learning an instrument.  Happy Homeworking and see you soon!

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