Recital Time is Here: Join us!

Are you ready to show off in a more formal event?  If so, CMajor has some tips for you.  The Recital Time episode is for teachers, students and parents.  What should you prepare to play?  How long should the pieces be?  How many pieces are typical for an event like this?  Will this take longer than one hour?  What about the recital location?  Where do I park?  How do I dress?  Can I be first on the list of performers?  What is the order of students?  What about taking a bow at the end of my performance?  These are just some of the standard questions that come to mind when I think about recital time.  So many parents are nervous for their children to perform in front of others for the first time.  Others encourage their children to perform as much as possible.  Then there may be students that are a little apprehensive about performing.  Another question to think about is what do you get out of participating in an event like this?  Will there be a certificate or a trophy given out to each student.  You don’t want to miss this episode.  CMajor gets into some of the finer details of preparing for recitals.  See you soon!

Click this link to join CMajor over at the CMajor Radio Show!  CMajor’s Recital Episode 3-26-18

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