New Homework: Learning a Musical Instrument with CMajor

Thank you for listening to The CMajor Radio Show today!  If you were able to tune in, you heard CMajor talking about Making Your Musical Dreams Come True.  I also wanted to invite you to come hear CMajor play live in Elmhurst, (Queens) NY next month.  And, while you are waiting to come to the show, you can start working on your new homework assignment.  Please see your assignment below:

  • Define pitch, volume, rhythm, harmony, texture and timbre.

You may use the Learning a Music Instrument book to find your definitions.  Please visit pp.12-15 of Chapter 1 – Starting Your Musical Journey: Music’s Components.

After you’ve read this portion of the book, DM or PM me for more information.  See you soon and hope to see you at the show!


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