Upgrading Your Sound with CMajor

…and your next homework assignment is…upgrade your sound.  Sound simple?  Or, does it sound daunting?  Whatever the case may be, CMajor can show you how to upgrade your piano and upgrade your sound.  It’s a current hot topic!–You’ll want to do some research.  After you’ve done the research, then talk with your music teacher about your thoughts.  Your music teacher can give you a solid opinion about the piano that best suits where you are in your learning.  At least two of CMajor’s students are currently looking to upgrade from keyboards to digital pianos.  In another case, I have a student who has an acoustic piano at home but she is now ready to purchase a digital piano to place in her office at work.  How awesome is that?!  When you commit to upgrading your sound, you also choose to think about the realistic sound and feel of your instrument.  Search around and let me know what you find.  If you need some suggestions on where to look, I can help you with that too.  See you soon!

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