Connecting with Other Resources: Online

You can connect with other resources online to keep music making fun and interesting.  Here’s how:

  • Go to Liberty Park Music
  • Come back to CMajor’s Classroom once you’re done there at CMajor’s Classroom
  • Keep Google searching videos and podcasts online that can help you with your music making.

If you need some suggestions on where to look, please feel free to contact me, i.e. DM or PM me here to find out more.  Also, feel free to visit me and subscribe to my website: CMajor’s Official Website at Bandzoogle.  What’s the difference between my site here and my site over there?  My bandzoogle site is more devoted to my work as an artist.  There you can find out about gigs, upcoming events, recordings, photos, videos and a blog devoted to CMajor’s music journey.

Take some time to find the resources that can help you up your game.  That’s this week’s homework assignment.  See you soon!

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