Candy-Coated Research: Summer Piano

Summer’s here!–That means that CMajor is continuing her promise to not assign any homework.  Only research…If you tuned in to The CMajor Radio Show today, you heard CMajor describe her upcoming episode as “sugar candy-coated piano lessons” for recreational students.  The color codes are listed below:

Use the following color code for labeling the entire music alphabet over and over again up to 7 times:

  • Red = ABCDEFG
  • Orange = ABCDEFG
  • Yellow = ABCDEFG
  • Green = ABCDEFG
  • Blue = ABCDEFG
  • Indigo = ABCDEFG
  • Violet = ABCDEFG

Or you may choose to label each individual letter of the music alphabet as Roy G. Biv.

Tune in to the next episode of The CMajor Radio Show.  CMajor will attempt to teach a piano song melody using a color code of her choice.  Wait for instructions during the podcast.  In the meantime, you can start rounding up the items to choose for labeling.  You may use paper, buttons, candy, stickers, etc.  Whatever you choose, keep it fun and happy color-coding!


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