Various Discussion Topics: Conversation Starters

Hi there.  Thank you for tuning in to CMajor Before the Show.  Below are some of the topics we covered in today’s episode on CMajor Before The Show: Dear CMajor.  Feel free to share your ideas for the types of topics you would like to hear on the show.  It’ll help us shape our upcoming shows.  Don’t forget to log on to CMajor Before The Show over at Facebook.  Here are some of today’s topics:

  • Playing in the Style of Keyboard Greats: Harry Connick, Jr., Left-Hand Stride Bass; Thomas “Fats” Waller, Handful of Keys
  • Practicing Coloring and Naming Notes: Music Theory Fun Activities
  • Intervals (Number): 8va equals ottava (octave); 8va over a note or notes means to perform an octave higher; 8va (under a note or notes) means to perform an octave lower; another way of writing very high or very low notes is by using octave signs above or below the notes to show that they are to be played an octave higher or lower; and octave transposition–how to show that two melodies are the same, except that the notes are all an octave lower, i.e. transposing down an octave.
  • Read The AB Guide to Music Theory, Part I Chapter 3/3 for a discussion on triplets and compound time.  When a quarter note is divided into a triplet, the three notes are written as eighth-notes, with a 3 to distinguish them from ordinary eighth-notes.  In other words, a quarter note can be divided into two eighth notes or into a triplet.  Any note can be divided into a triplet in the same way.  See p. 18 for further information about triplets and compound time.
  • Listen to or watch on YouTube: Handel, Keyboard Suite in D minor, HWV 437

Today’s show was fun for me.  We’re looking at expanding the show, maybe as long as three hours in the future.  That way, we have more time for friendly shout-outs, Homework discussions/activities and your letters to Dear CMajor.  Happy listening and see you soon!

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