Today’s colors from today’s podcast: RED/PURPLE/GREEN/ORANGE.  Today we introduced something called “slash notation”.  Slash notation means exactly what it says.  You can write a forward slash to show that a chord is repeating.  It’s found in notation software programs like Finale.  Our color code for today: RED = D CHORD; PURPLE = E CHORD; GREEN = G CHORD; ORANGE = A CHORD.  Here’s the first sequence stated in color and by saying the word “slash” for any repeats–

RED / / / PURPLE / / / ORANGE / / / GREEN / RED / 

Next I’d like to state the sequence as letter names for the chords and by saying the word “slash” for any repeats —

D / / / E / / / A / / / G / D / 

Now let’s try a second sequence.  It’s also in the key of D Major.



In letters:

D / / / G D E A

D / / / G D A D

Thank you for listening to CMajor Before the Show.  See you next week for a discussion on minor chords!

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Note: Today’s poll results–there were not any numbers reported, just an opinion.  My opinion about today’s poll results–I will have to say that I agree with practicing technical exercises with a metronome.  I like using a metronome because it helps me keep steady. Even when I’m practicing rubato I use a metronome.  I like to feel that I can create rhythmic freedom and stretch my timing with the clicks of a metronome beat–if that makes sense, especially when I’m practicing some Chopin pieces that call for rubato playing.  I do have some students who would rather not use the metronome at all.  And, I know of some piano teachers who do not press the usage of a metronome.  My favorite metronome is the one that you plug into a wall.  It’s black with a square-ish shape.  I grew up using the old fashioned one that swings back and forth that you wind up.I currently have a hand-held metronome that runs on a nine-volt battery.  That’s been a reliable metronome for me and for my students to use at home and away in a practice space.

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