Descriptions of Resources: Music Theory

Hi there!  Thanks for following CMajor.  I really appreciate seeing you online.  I’m offering a description of some resources that I recently spoke about on my podcast.  CMajor Before The Show

Please see the descriptions below for more information on music theory:

  • Resource Description #1 –  Look for a book that can give you a step-by-step presentation of the basic facts of music theory.  You’ll want it to have numerous music examples.  You’ll want the resource to be clear and easy to understand.  Ask your teacher to help you find a book that explains music theory well.
  • Resource Description #2 – Look for a book that will help you understand how music is written down.  The book should be able to explain what signs and symbols mean.  It should give you words that musicians use and break terms down for you in clear way.  Beware of over-technical terms that you may not understand.  Ask for a teacher that can explain things to you on varying different levels of difficulty.  A good teacher will be able to steer you to resources that can introduce you to basic elements.  Try to find a book that works well in schools as well as colleges.
  • Resource Description #3 – You will need a workbook of some sort.  If you are in a class, ask your teacher for help finding a tutor.  A tutor can help you with personal study and written work once your teacher has handed out assignments in class.  A good workbook will enable you to volunteer for in-class demonstrations of note-reading and rhythmic exercises with confidence.  A reliable workbook will offer advice and practical exercises, which provide a solid foundation for notating music and understanding it in context.  Working through the workbook should not be scary.  You will be better prepared to make mistakes in class and away from class.  In addition to helping you with your general music(al) literacy skills, you will exude self-discipline and responsibility during class by showing that you use a workbook.

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