Mixing Your Sounds: Augmented & Diminished

This past Saturday, we had our first Saturday morning episode.  It was a little shorter than previous episodes.  We have been busy building our keyboard situation series.  We are down to the last couple of episodes of this series.  In the meantime, there’s homework!–I want to challenge our listeners to mix your triads and find a sequence/sound that you like.  For instance, consider the notes of a CMajor Triad, a CMinor Triad, a CAugmented Triad and a CDiminished Triad:

  • C, Cm, C+, Co

The basic harmonies used in jazz are generally very simple.  When complexities do occur, they are usually the result of an improvised decoration or elaboration of what are basically simple chord patterns…the letter name of the root of a chord is shown as a capital letter.  Sometimes ‘aug’ and ‘dim’ are written instead of + and o.

  1. C major triad (C E G)
  2. C minor triad (C Eb G)
  3. C augmented triad (C E G#)
  4. C diminished triad (C Eb Gb)

It cannot be too strongly emphasized that jazz chord notation shows only the bare outlines of the harmony.   A great deal of latitude is left to the performer, who may freely decorate the given chords or enrich them with additional notes as the spirit moves.

See you on the next episode.  Thank you for listening.

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