A Special Episode on Syncopation

Hi there!–Did you hear our special episode on syncopation.  We talked about the emergence of ragtime music, one of the precursors of jazz.  Accenting a note which would normally be unaccented is called syncopation.  Syncopated rhythms are felt to go against a regular pattern of strong and weak beats (as indicated by the time signature).

Examples:  Spirituals, Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas (check with me for the opus numbers).  I mentioned Bartok, but what I meant to say that there is no syncopation.  In music where there is no regular pattern of strong and weak beats as in the Bartok melody from Concerto for Orchestra, there can be no syncopation.

Happy exploring ragtime songs.  Thank you for coming to listen.  Have a nice weekend! #surprise #syncopation #realtalk #ragtime


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