The Costs of Making Music

In today’s CBTS episode, we spoke about the following:

  • Financing your keyboard
  • Layawaying your keyboard
  • Trading in your keyboard
  • Upgrading your keyboard
  • Saving up for a better keyboard
  • Adding on to your keyboard
  • Investing in piano methods
  • Buying cables for your keyboard
  • Selling your keyboard
  • Repairing your keyboard
  • Buying keyboard/piano books
  • Purchasing a keyboard vs. a piano
  • Refurbishing a piano
  • Investing in piano lessons
  • Which credit card should you get?
  • Which bank should you deal with (in the case of a large purchase)?
  • What credit score do you need to make all of the purchases you wish to make?

We also spoke about questions of finances:

  • payment for lessons
  • renting or purchasing an instrument
  • buying a music stand
  • buying sheet music
  • subscribing to a music (pianist) magazine/journal

Stay tuned for another upcoming episode on the costs of music making.  How much will it all cost?  See you again soon!  Thanks for tuning in. #cmajorbeforetheshow #cmajorsclassroom

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