Saturday Evening Podcasts

In 2019, The CMajor Radio Show and CMajor Before The Show podcasts are aiming for Saturday Evening broadcast times and days Tune in if you can. We are kicking off the new year with parents and chords in mind. See the links to both podcasts shared here:

CMajor Radio Show and CMajor Before the Show

A good friend accepts who you are, encourages you to grow, and reminds you how far you’ve come.

Again, Tune in if you can.  As usual, there will be homework listed here too.  Thank you for listening.  See you soon!


  • Today’s homework assignment involves reading the new syllabus for cmajor’s classroom.  The syllabus will be posted following today’s podcasts.
  • Gather your materials for the podcast as directed by the syllabus.
  • Be ready to play chords.  Locate C, F, & G chords on your own.
  • Be ready to play C, F, & G Chords in a sequence as given on the CMajor Before The Show podcast.
  • Be ready to write down C, F & G Chords on manuscript paper as directed by the CMajor Radio Show.
  • Note:  You will need pen/pencil, paper or use your ipad or mobile tablet to write things down.
  • Wait for further instructions.

Good luck for 2019.  Happy listening and  Happy Music Making!


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