First Love…Chords!

Check out the following chords used in CMajor’s piano song, First Love!  Now she’s using her knowledge of chords to teach parents to play the piano by chords and by ear.  Also, if you’d like to see how to write down these chords clearly on staff paper, please check out The CMajor Radio Show.  Here’s a link to the song in iTunes:

CMajor’s First Love

The Chords: C, CMaj7, FMaj7; C, G, F; Am, G, F.

Homework Instructions:  Try finding these chords on the piano first and then listen to First Love to see if you can play along.  Then, if you care to, try to write them on the staff using a bass clef.  Have fun!

Note: We did not talk about the melody yet on the podcasts.  Happy Valentine’s!–I love you all and thank you for listening and thanks for all the downloads.

See you next week!

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