CMAJOR Chord Repetitions…

In yesterday’s podcast class(es)…we discussed chord layouts, chord expansions and overall ways to repeat one or more of the three notes in a chord (triad) at different pitches.  We used C, F, G, D, E, & A major chords as examples.  We studied various resources including chord charts, books and posters.  Your homework assignment is as follows:

See how many ways you can expand the chords (triad) that you’ve learned to play and write in close/simple/root position.  Repeat one or more notes of the three notes in each chord at different pitches.  Try this with major and minor chords, e.g. how many chords may be produced in the tonic triads of C, F, & G? Hint: The triads must all consist of three notes with repetitions as preferred; they should be laid out so that they can be played on the piano without over-stretching.  Be as natural as possible.  Happy repositioning!

For further resources, please click here to search.

Thank you and see you next week. Next week’s class, “Royal Seventh Chords”…please stand by for a promo during the week. Bye for now.

P. S. We’ve also added a new poll…new music poll…


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