Lit or Lilt?

We’ve all heard by now how to use “lit” in a sentence here in the 21st century of pop culture sayings.  But, what about the word “lilt” to describe what you’ve heard?  If we say that a voice or a piece of music has a ‘lilting’ quality, what do we really mean and how can we properly describe this to others?

This week’s homework is to find some music that gently rises and falls in a lilting fashion. As you listen, try to think of ways that you might convey what you’ve heard. For instance, does ‘lilt’ make you think of ‘wilt’, e.g. as in wilted spinach when you cook  it down in a pan?  One quote I found online states as follows:

Mozart responded with a lilting melody that enhances the regular sing-song accents…

Good luck and happy listening.  See you next week.  Thank you all for listening!

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