Minor Keys and Tonic Chords

In yesterday’s podcast, we spoke about minor key chords.  It was a way of combining a discussion about minor keys and chords in root position.  But, we also talked about playing minor chords the way they appear in the ‘popular chord dictionary for piano’, for instance.  Have fun!  Your homework is below:

  • Practice playing Cminor, Fminor, Gminor, Dminor, Eminor and Aminor chords.
  • See if you can make up and play your own sequence or song using/including minor chord(s), e.g. Am, Gmajor, Fmajor, Emajor.
  • Check out some of your favorite

    pop tunes that are written in minor keys that use minor chords; notice where the lyrics line up with the minor chord changes, i.e. “Location”.

  • Try to teach someone what you know about minor chords.  How will you describe the sound of chords?, i.e. sad, melancholy, serious or something else.

Thank you for listening.  Thank you for watching.  Next week’s podcast will be about chord expansions.  See you all then!



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