Memorize This…Triad, Seventh, Ninth

For this week’s homework, CMajor would like for you to memorize the following facts about chords…happy memorizing.

  1. A triad is a three-tone chord.
  2. A seventh chord is a four-tone chord.
  3. A ninth chord is a five-tone chord.

Extra  homework:  Try to put some sevenths in your chord sequence.  Play this…

C chord/C chord/ F chord/C chord/C chord/C chord/G chord/G chord

Now try this…

C chord/C7 chord/F chord/C chord/C chord/ C chord/ G chord/G7chord

Hear the difference?  I hope so.  Does it sound better or worse to your ears?  Some of CMajor’s students don’t like the sound of sevenths at all.  They prefer to use triads only in their music making.  “To each his own”…as some people say; everyone has a right to their own personal preferences in music making.  Thank you for listening and playing.  See you next week!

The Princess and the Frog

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