Harmonic Rhythm

In yesterday’s podcasts we talked about harmonic rhythm.  We have not touched so much on ‘rules of harmony’, but we have covered the topic of chord changes.  Remember this: ‘When chords change is just as important as which chords are used’.  In other words, think about the pattern that you’re using.

When chords change is just as important as which chords are used.

Our discussion about national anthems continued in yesterday’s podcasts also.  We introduced ‘Lift Every Voice and Sing’ as a Negro National Anthem/Black National Anthem that is still sung today upon request.  What are the rules of harmony for this particular anthem?  How do the words to this poem set to music influence the way the anthem is performed and recorded?  It’s so interesting…it’s not homework, but take a look at some of the videos on YouTube.  Everyone from Beyonce to Ray Charles to BeBe Winans, Al Green and Deniece Williams…they’ve all recorded their versions of Lift Ev’ry Voice and Sing (LEVAS).  In my opinion and after speaking with close friends and family about the anthem, we all agreed that–LEVAS is not an easy song to pull off as a pianist or singer.  But, a healthy challenge can be fun, can’t it?  See what you think about some of the videos that have been posted.  I’ll post a link below for you to check out.

Next week!–It’s going to be a fun week.  I’m bringing to the podcast table some of my favorite R&B, soul and funk influenced tunes.  You’ll probably hear me speak about music of Luther Vandross, Sade, Queen and Prince.  It’s all about the chords.  What makes me like the chords and the harmonic changes to some of their songs?  You’ll find out next week.  It’s going to be fun!  See you all next week.  Thank you for listening.

Beyonce’s version of Lift Every Voice and Sing

Hymns with a Touch of Jazz

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