Cool Chords

CMajor Before the Show on Apple Podcasts — We’re all trying to stay cool in this heat!  In yesterday’s podcast, we talked about some cool sounding chords.  I played a couple of examples of what I thought sounded cool to me.  What did you think?  For this week’s homework, I’m assigning some “cool” music for you to listen to.  See the curated list below.  It’s based on what my “funky” musician friends play on their gigs in the Greater New York City area and beyond:

  • No Ordinary Love
  • Give It To Me Baby
  • No Diggety
  • Billie Jean
  • Kiss
  • Lady Marmalade
  • Crazy in Love
  • Good Times
  • Got to Be Real
  • Outstanding
  • Rock Steady
  • Jungle Boogie

Be careful as you listen, because in today’s political climate there may be some titles, lyrics, artists and so forth that may or may not be agreeable.  We’re listening mainly for chords, chord changes, harmonic rhythms and bass lines at this time.  Chords are chords, in my opinion, but try to examine what part of the music that uses the chords that you already know sounds cool to you!  Happy listening!

For next week’s podcast, we’ll take a look at some Christmas tunes.  It’s our Christmas in July episode.  That’s next week.  See you all then.  Thank you for listening.  Stay cool!




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