TEXT Notation

A basic definition of notation is…’the method or methods for writing down music.’  Classical Greek music was notated by using means of letters.  The use of letters for the indication of tones is restricted today to “theoretical and instructive purposes”.  Unfortunately there is no uniform practice for indicating different octaves.

Not all the new methods of notation have become standard practice, and composers frequently provide explanations of how their written signs are to be interpreted.

This week’s homework…try to come up with your own way of notating chords and moving from one chord to the next.  You may include letters, numbers and other symbols.  Note: It may feel convenient to refer to the pitch of individual notes by a system of text, i.e. letter names.  Have fun.  See what you can come up with for your own individual music making by writing it down as ‘paper music’.  How would you teach someone else to play using your own personally developed notation system?

See you all next week.  Thank you for listening!  Next week’s class will focus on chords and rhythms.

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