Synths & Chords

Hi there and thank you for sticking around for our synths and chords presentation.  We are looking forward to the upcoming podcast.  I am fascinated with the idea of playing around with synthesizers and electric keyboards.

For this week’s homework leading up to our podcast, please research ‘monody’, ‘monophony’, ‘monophonic’ and ‘texture’.  These are some of the main terms that we will cover in our next episode about synths and chords.

It’s fascinating that still in the 21st century, we are using old-fashioned designed keyboards to produce single sounds in infinite ways.  How will we demonstrate this on our platform?  You’ll just have to wait and see/listen.  We’ll explored pitch, dynamics, tone color and rhythmic patterns through chords and melody in our next presentation.

Take care.  Have a wonderful weekend!  The weather in the Greater New York City area is perfect today!  Enjoy and remember to make the very best music you can make.  See you guys again soon!

Themes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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