It’s been a long week…lots of good things happening in the Greater New York City area.  This week’s homework assignment ushers in the first week of September.  Can you believe it?  Celebrate by listening to Earth, Wind & Fire.  Buy some new sheet music for yourself and check out a synthesizer.  Please see your homework below:

  • Learn how to set a basic oscillator pitch on a handheld synthesizer.
  • Learn how to set the intensity of the modulation effect on a synthesizer.
  • Play broken chords on a ribbon keyboard.
  • Have fun making your own music!

BTW, I did find out what was meant by the “Range” knob.  It’s the little ‘red’ knob I mentioned on the podcast…lol!  I’ll be adjusting it shortly.  Have fun everyone!  We’ll see you next week.  I owe you a synthesizer story, I think.  See you soon!  Take care.  Thank you all for listening and tuning in.

Note: We’ll work on getting the required embedded player for 2020!



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