Important Chords…

This week’s homework is simple…begin to study chords that are important to you.  Do you like the sound of an A Chord?  The sound of an A Chord may remind you of the color yellow, in the case of one student’s aural observation.  We talked about the B Chord on The CMajor Radio Show yesterday.  Next week we’ll talk about CMAJOR!—And, in the words of one famous pedagogue, it can be “sheer monotony” to focus just on the key of CMajor at first. (It was something like that…lol.)  I agree that introducing one key at a time can become quite boring as well as one chord at at time.

See your homework assignment below:

  • Practice playing chords built on each step of the C Major Scale.
  • Find out which three chords are most important to you.

Thank you!  See you next week!

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