The Jazz Chord

Happy Coffee Day, Pancake Week and Podcasting Sunday!–It’s been another interesting week.  This week’s homework is a reflection of my quest to understanding chords, chording and how to best teach my students about harmony.  We are borrowing from one of our text books that asks students to, “create a jazz chord sound…”  See the homework assignment below:

  • Use a blue note by played a lowered 7th.  Play each chord several times, i.e. six times each.
  • Play (written as text from the bottom up) a C7 chord as C-Bflat-E, an F7 chord as F-A-Eflat, and a G7 chord as G-B-F.
  • Have fun and explore a ‘jazz feel’ all on your own.

Also, remember that we are going in ABC order on the CMajor Radio Show podcast.  Sorry we did not get to our poll.  We’ll try again next week.  Have a lovely week, everyone!  See you again soon! #nationalcoffeeday

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