All About Sound Effects & Chords

This week’s homework is all about sound effects and chords.  See if you can hear the blues theme that dominates the work in William Grant Still’s Afro-American Symphony.  Listen for the style of the harmonization.  Then listen to the music of Florence Price, Harry Burleigh, Antonin Dvorak, Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein.  Note: The spirituals and work songs of African Americans influenced the music of Dvorak.  He was quoted as saying, “…distinguished by unusual and subtle harmonies…”.

For a special treat this week, see if you can attend a concert program by the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in Princeton, NJ this Thursday, October 10, 8:00PM at Richardson Auditorium.  This concert celebrates the music of Harry T. Burleigh, Dvorak, Copland and Bernstein.

Reminder: We are away this coming Saturday.  Thank you for listening.  Please feel free to listen during the week for any special announcements.  Have a great week!

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