Chord Challenges

Hi there.  Thank you so very much for tuning in to The CMajor Radio Show and CMajor Before The Show.  We’re still getting our ducks in a row.  And, if you accidentally changed your time as a “fall back” (as I did)…please forgive our mistake.  My first internet img_0237

reading was right, that we get an extra hour of sleep next weekend in New York.  In some other places in the world, I think the time was changed.  Sorry about that.

There is no official homework this week.  But, you are invited to take on some ‘chord challenges’.  If you are interested in dabbling in audio technology, maybe you can start by recording yourself playing some chord changes.  Oh, and to add further to the quote about education challenges:

Educating musicians and music producers in such a wide participating society is challenging owing to student types and learning preferences.  Many students want to simply learn about recording techniques and practice in the recording studio.  Fewer students studying audio and music technology are interested in electronics, acoustics and signal processing.

As always, if you’d like to know more about the sources and resources we use, please feel free to let us know.  Have a terrific week!  See you all again.  I’ll announce something during the week.  But, next weekend we’re off again…to learn more about becoming a better piano teacher for you all.  Take care.


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