Curious … Chord Progressions

For this week’s homework, we’re posting a live poll. It’s fun!–think about where you were in 1979.  And, if you were not anywhere yet…maybe think about where some of your family members were.  What types of music making were you or your family involved in?  Mine was definitely piano lessons, playing piano and other instruments in my community…and so forth.  My favorite past-time besides playing sports with neighbors, was listening to recorded music, e.g. LPs, 45rpms, 33’s… I would venture to say that 1979 changed my life in terms of listening to music.  Please see the link to our LIVE poll below:

LIVE poll question – open-ended

You may respond as you wish.  The next homework piece is to listen for chord progressions in the music that we presented in yesterday’s podcast.  The two sets of progressions are posted below.  Have fun!  See you all next week!

Em7     Em7sus4     A7sus4     A13

Em7     F#m7/E     Em7/A     F#m7/A

black turntable
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