Chords in Fiction

Yesterday’s episodes–We talked about chords found in fiction, e.g. blues and jazz chords. See what you can find our your own.  Have you ever run across characters that either play instruments or know something about music-making?  Below are some quotes from excerpts from the blues story that we visited on the podcast:

He leaned back from the piano, keeping up a steady rolling left hand while trilling with his right.

Another quote…

…trying not to stare at ___________ fingers as they clumsily struggled with the strings. His left hand, his chording hand, was still virtually immobile, he could barely clench and unclench the fingers, as he struggled vainly to make a chord.

and the last quote from this particular book (not named).

This time the chord resounded throughout the room.  His fingers still stumbled over the strings and he hit a lot of wrong notes, but he and the woman began to sing “Jesus Wears the Starry Crown”..

Have fun this week!  I’ll try to post some holiday songs information in a separate post before we meet again.  Thank you all for listening!

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