Holiday Chords!

Which chords will you choose to play this holiday season?  Recently, one of my students found some fun in playing Jingle Bells (in three different versions).  He also learned to hear, see and play Tonic and Dominant Chords.  And, he’s learning to label chords as I, V, V7, etc.

This week’s homework revolves around holiday songs.  To have some fun, we’d like you to consider guessing the chords.  In other words, fill in the blanks!

Dm Dm7  ___  Dm  Dm Dm7 ___  Dm

The words are Hark to the bells (Dm chord), hark to the bells (Dm7 chord),

telling us all (guess chord) Jesus is King! (Dm chord) Strongly they chime, sound with a rhyme (Dm7 chord), Christmas is here, (guess chord) welcome the King! (Dm chord)

The challenges are first to name the song and second to figure out the two missing chord(s).  Hint: you may use the chord twice.  We will go over the answers on the next podcast episode over at The CMajor Radio Show.  I will play the song first on the piano LIVE on CMajor Before The Show.

Have a safe week!  Stay warm.  See you Saturday.  Thank you!!


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