Have you ever noticed how many CMajor Chords there are in a song that’s written in the key of F Major?  What about other keys other than C, such as G or D?  This past week, I had some fun with one of my students who wanted to transpose a Christmas tune to a “better sounding” key.  We made some exciting and interesting discoveries along the way.  I encourage you to do the same…have some fun with your holiday music making.  Until the next podcast…re-listen to our most recent episodes on CMajor Before The Show Christmas Chords & Lyrics: CMajor Changes and The CMajor Radio Show.  Mood & Style: Choosing Chords for Christmas Happy listening…see you next time!!

The CMajor Team

P.S. Oh, and one more thing–You’re invited…you’re all invited to CMajor’s upcoming LIVE piano performance in New York.  Save money ahead of time and get your tickets here!  Thank you!!  CMajor – Tickets – The West End – New York, NY – January 24th 2020: Afton Shows


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