Songs & Verses

As we approach the new year, I invite you to continue to find some fun and funny moments to share in your music making.  We intend to do just that in 2020!–Life is too short to be stressed out over making mistakes at the piano and worrying about playing everything perfectly all the time.  And, when we post a link to CMajor’s Classroom we are no longer calling it ‘homework’,  From here on in 2020, we’ll call it a ‘fun music exercise’.

This week’s ‘fun music exercise’ is posted below:

WHEN APRIL CALLS – By Grantland Rice

Now that Young April’s back again Where Spring has melted out the snow, Why should we dally longer here Who have so far to go? Why should we dally longer now To find where deeper pleasures dwell? Since life can show but these two things – A hail and a farewell.

The fun part–see if you can make up some music to play along with Mr. Rice’s verse (song).  I used G-minor, E-flat, and D7 chords on yesterday’s podcast.

Also, I promised to talk about a photo.  I’ll post the picture in this post.  I’ll also provide a link to a different photo.  It’s from the 400 Years event at Carnegie Hall earlier this month.  There was a lot of music making and music talk going on at the event and the concert that followed on the Carnegie Hall main stage.

Happy New Year and all the best going forward…

Link to Flickr picture


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