Wit & Humour

Happy Sunday!–This week’s fun music exercise is all about finding wit and humor (humor) in music making.  We’re listing the Beethoven sonata we talked about.  And, as a bonus exercise we are listing a piece by Prokofiev.  Music making can be fun.  I have a special shout out to my students who are having fun in their piano lessons.  Let the music play and guide you…See you on the podcasts!

  • Presto alla tedesca, First movement from Sonata in G, Op. 79–The first movement of the G major sonata is a ‘brilliant and witty piece’ (Tovey)…see if you can find particular witty moments that take place.  We’ll talk about it on the next podcast.
  • Bonus exercise: Prokofiev had a sense of humor in his musical personality.  See if you can hear/find ‘a sense of humor’ in Ridicolosamente, No. 10 from Visions fugitives, Op. 22.  Have fun listening and see you on the podcast!

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