Improvisation Fun

CMajor agrees that the secret is out!–Everyone can improvise.  That is part of this week’s fun music exercise (FME).  You have one job and that is to find a way to make music-making fun.  Oh, and feel free to use technology to help you out as needed.

Improvisation is a natural part of jazz/rock playing…The secret is out–Everyone can improvise!

…and improvisation can be structural.  We’ll re-visit this idea on the next episode.  In the meantime, put on your listening ears, your thinking caps and turn on your light bulbs.  Listen to the Improvisation on ‘We Shall Overcome’ by Carl Haywood.

Next week, we may take a look at Mr. Roboto…just for fun.  And, if I get up the nerve I’ll try one of my student’s ideas to practice playing Hanon with nail-tips—for fun! (lol)  That will force me to play flat-fingered and on the fleshy side of my finger pads.  We’ll see about that technique…See you all next week.  Thank you for listening!

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