Music Making & Love

Dear podcast followers:

Thank you for your kind attention.  Thank you for downloading and listening to our podcasts.  During this difficult time, we acknowledge that there is nothing fun or funny about our global health crisis.  However, we are striving to lighten the mood just a bit with Music Making & Love suggestions for writing your own music in your spare time.  And, we are making light of those of you who prefer the practice playing the piano while wearing long nails.  We are not judging…just saying.  We support various types of music making and want you to make the best music you can make.  Having said all of that, please see the words below that may inspire you.  They are taken from a new book that’s out now called Love From The Vortex & Other Poems by Professor Yolanda Sealey-Ruiz.

Lately, I can’t sleep at night.  I lie awake thinking of you, anticipating the next time we will share time, air & space.  Wondering if it can possibly be as amazing as our first encounter–When one look in your eyes had me thinking thoughts that made me want to hide my face.

See if you can put some chords together to support the mood of this poem. Have fun and be creative.  Practice playing the piano wearing nail tips to your heart’s content.  We love you and we’ll see you all next week!




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