Chording Along…

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily…life is but a dream.  This week feels like a dream, doesn’t it?  Music is but a dream.  It’s been a bittersweet week.  I’ve seen many of my musician friends fall apart and come together all at once on social media.  If you listened to our podcasts, you know that we are aiming to keep you creative and focused on making the best music you can make.  These are not the most fun and funny times in our country’s history, but there are still ways to try to embrace something good.

Good news!–We are now offering lessons on the TED-Ed website.  I’m excited about this because it’s a non-narcissistic way for me to teach online and include everyone that wants to participate in some learning.  Check it all out HERE.

Then come on back over to CMajor’s Classroom to view our blog post.

Not much else to say, but try to have a good week.  We’ll visit you online as much as possible from our podcasting platform.  Take care.  Be well.  Stay safe.  Stay healthy.

The scales we are challenging you to ‘work on’ are melodic and harmonic minor scales, i.e. B minor melodic, G minor melodic, C minor melodic, B minor harmonic, G minor harmonic and C minor harmonic.

Stay in touch.  See you all again soon!


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