Crazy Music Making!

Hey there!–How’s your Tuesday going so far?  Fine, I hope.  We’re here to motivate you to make your own crazy music today.  If you need some inspiration see the video link posted below:

Children of The World

It doesn’t matter if you are a dj, piano player, bassist, guitarist, keyboardist, singer and so forth.  You are encouraged.  The only requirement is to have fun while you’re doing it.  Think of it as a do-it-yourself initiative.  See you all again soon!

The use of technology for adults, particularly those who want to participate in music making, represents all kinds of opportunities.  First of all, it allows them to easily create exciting, interesting and satisfying music.  For example, with today’s electronic keyboard instruments they can use the automatic rhythms units.  All kinds of different orchestral sounds and voices are available to them.  When it comes to recreational music making, I don’t think the use of technology has yet been explored fully.  The opportunities to use technology to serve this large and under-served market are immense. – Karl Bruhn, Father of the Music Making and Wellness Movement, American Music Teacher magazine, 2001

Make the best music you can make,


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Thank you kindly.


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