Tone Poems

Thank you for tuning in to yesterday’s podcast.  As promised, we’re posting some poetic ideas for helping you getting started on making your own music.  The only stipulation this week is to make sure you are organizing your sounds in a way that can create a visual for your listeners.  Here are three following ideas adapted from Edna Mae Burnam’s “Echoes of Death Valley” project:

  1. Create music that reminds you of sand shifting in the wind.
  2. Make up a song that sounds like a big bird that’s about two-feet long that can fly as fast as he can run.
  3. Compose a piece that takes you on a journey, traveling on a road through mud, hills with twists and turns.

Have fun!–Feel free to implement your own thoughts and creativity.  We’ll see you on the next podcast.

Take care.  Stay safe.  Stay at home, New York City!

Hope to see you all again soon!


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