Sitting and Posturing

Happy Sunday!–Sitting and Posturing are two different things.  Actually Posture and Posturing have different meanings, but we’ll use ‘posturing’ to help remind you about how you are positioning yourself at the piano.  Take selfies of yourself sitting at the piano…for fun.  Have someone draw a picture of you sitting correctly.  Or, come up with your own illustration.  Thank you for checking out our episode HERE:

What is the purpose of this episode?

  • The purpose of yesterday’s episode is to help you get seated at the piano. This may be a new effort for you if you’ve never thought about it before. The first thing you want to do is check what type of seat you have in the first place. Do you have a bench, for instance?  You can’t seat in a beach chair (LAUGH).  You can’t sit in a kitchen chair (LAUGH).  You can’t sit on a fox or a box (LAUGH).  Please get a proper bench if you can.  We prefer that you have a keyboard bench.  If you need help locating one, please see us offline for this type of assistance.  We’d be glad to direct you.  Ok, so assuming you have a bench, you next need to think about where you will sit on the bench.
  • CMajor finds it necessary to go over this in detail. You’d be surprised at how many students don’t get the importance of having a proper seat.You need to know where to sit on the bench.  The way we were taught is to sit up straight on the front part of the bench.  Now, quick fun quiz!—Will you sit with your back to the piano? (LAUGH).  Of course, the answer is no.  You will sit up straight, in other words sit tall on the bench.  You should be facing the center of the piano. But, CMajor where is the center? (LAUGH).  You know, I used to say that the center of a bench was where Middle C is or where the name of your piano is.  If I’m there in person with you, it’s a lot easier to find it with  you during an at-home lesson.  However, you also want to listen for the sound of middle C.  What happens if you have a keyboard and someone has shifted the octave so that middle C is past the center of the piano?  Something to think about…so assuming that you can find the center of the piano on your own, please sit facing the center of the piano.
  • Now the next step is to do a bit of measuring.  We’ll talk more about distance and height during the next podcast episode, in addition to hand positioning.  That’s enough for one episode.  I’ve given you enough to thing about for one day.

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See you on the next episode.  Thank you for listening!


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