Banana Hands

During yesterday’s CBTS podcast, we mentioned “banana hands”.  Banana hands seems to be a pop culture term to describe fingers on a person’s hands.  In the case of the recent COVID-19 crisis briefings, the Cuomo brothers have been associated with the funny term ‘banana hands’.  In any case, we wanted to have some fun this week and have you think about your hand position at the piano.  Did you have a chance to imagine and draw your hands at the piano yet?  If not yet, give it a try.  Take a selfie of your perfectly curved hands.  Maybe keep a journal about your journey to improve your hand positioning.  Have fun with this exercise.  See you next week!  We’ll talk about technique and artistry.  Remember to keep 6 ft away from others.  Wear your masks and consider keeping gloves on for the time being.  Take care.  Be safe.



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