Writing Music Your Way

You know…recently I did a promo for music and coffee. I’m not sure how it was perceived, but I hope it was something seen in a positive light. I strive for that. And, I also recently had the privilege of helping a friend who is trying to learn new ways to make music. We talked about chords, scales and rhythms. It had not occurred to me that this friend of mine did not write music in the same ways that I envisioned. In college, my classmates and I were taught ear training which meant that we learned how to recognize melody when we heard it and sing it back on demand. Our professor would stand at the piano and pound out some things that we were supposed to hear while he said, “Did you hear that?” And, later on in our careers this approach came in handy. There have been so many times that I’ve picked up a piece of sheet music and was able to hum the tune to myself and hear the melodies in my head. That saved me so much time…and money. I could make a decision on the spot whether to purchase the piece or not. But, now I’m faced in life with friends who did not get to experience this. To this day, many of my friends who are self-taught musicians make music collaboratively…in the studio. Their music making and songwriting doesn’t really begin until they are in the presence of an engineer, keyboard player and other instrumentalists. Someone starts a bass line or a beat and then somehow and magically a melody gets written. It’s all about feel. That’s what I mean when I say, “writing music your way.” I respect the process of my friends who write music. And, now as I delve deeper into music theory with my students I get to witness how they will write their own songs. It’s a process. It’s a privilege to see and hear the music they’ll eventually make.

If you are in a place of deciding whether or not to write music, be encouraged. Check with your local music professional. Best wishes in your search to find the music teacher that’s right for you. Stay safe and be well. We’ll see you again next week.



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