Which Happens First…?

Hello music friends!–I hope you’ve had a nice week. I’m so over wearing masks everyday…but as one of my student’s families recently reminded me, we should be grateful for good health. I had to think about what to write today, because so many good things happened musically this week. Which happens first? This question came up in two of my conversations with two students. We were talking about listening to a song to figure out chord structure and the song-writing process. When you are listening to a song, which happens first? Should you listen for chord-structure and then rhythm…or should you listen for the bass-line first to figure out how the chords are changing? It’s an interesting question. If you are writing a song, will you start with melody first or will you write your accompaniment/accompanying sounds first? Also, an interesting question. And, while I’m thinking about it…I also stumbled upon an opportunity to work with a musician who wanted a recording from me. It made me stop an think how many musicians will listen to a track first before trying to rehearse a song. There’s nothing wrong with this. On the CMajor Before The Show and The CMajor Radio Show podcasts I spoke briefly about music sometimes feeling like a “chicken and egg” problem. Maybe it’s a “snake in the box” problem as well. Who knows? In the words of a very famous and well-respected musician of our time–‘Whatever road you choose it’s up to you’…I’ll see you next week.


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