Coffee and Music 2021

Hello again. I hope your New Year is off to a ROCKING start! Mine has been filled with music and coffee so far. There’s been some coffee talk about me starting my own coffee cart. My students are busy practicing and preparing for exams and competitions. It’s been an amazing start to 2021 I’d say. I would like YOUR opinion on something. Please see the images below:

Coffee in the Key of GMajor

Soooooo, one of these images has ended up on a flyer for piano lessons. I’m thinking of posting flyers locally in different places, with permission of course. The flyers will be for piano lessons online to go along with what I’m already doing online. The other IMAGE is a tease about coffee culture. It’s only been posted HERE for discussion. I’m thinking of starting a local coffee business and participating in events, markets, etc. in my spare time. Any ideas? I WANT your opinion. I already have a mentor in place. I’m putting together a business plan and doing the research. We’re already discussing ways to get the business off the ground during the pandemic. It will be nice to hear from YOU about your thoughts on selling coffee in-person and giving piano lessons online. Wish me luck! I can hardly wait to further combine some of what I’ve learned about being a coffee barista with the knowledge of music making. I think it’ll be FUN to see what I can do with both. Of course, I will KEEP my day job(s)…lol!

See you again soon on social media. Please remember to Like, Listen, Follow & Share and I’ll be sure to do the same. Take care.

Peace, Love, Music & Coffee,


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