EDM Chords!

It’s still 2021! That’s a good thing. I think we’re all still working on getting over 2020. And, I still think that 2021 will be a much better year for all of us. Call me an optimist if you will. New Year’s Eve was a dream come true for me and my team. We were invited to Times Square in New York City and we got to spend NYE together in an eight-by-eight foot pen. While we were there we heard music from some of entertainment’s biggest names including J-Lo, Pitbull, Cyndi Lauper, Gloria Gaynor and Billy Porter. And, there was Andra Day who is going to be seen in the new movie about Billie Holiday (pssst…the TRAILER is already out on YouTube). Most of the music we heard on NYE was upbeat. My favorite performances were by all six of these artists. I couldn’t help but wonder what the CHORDS were to the music that they performed to. I can look it up for you. This is what I’ve found: It appears that ‘Dance Again’ by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull may have been originally published in the Key of CMajor, but if you check out the first page online of the sheet music, you won’t necessarily see any chords just rhythm indications. Also, if you check out the video online, you’ll hear that the music sounds like it’s in the Key of DMajor. Either way it’s fascinating!

I’m not going to list any chords here, but I encourage you to look it up for yourself. Let me know what you find. I’m fascinated by the chords that are found in EDM music.

I loved Cyndi Lauper’s performance on NYE. Some comments online had me wondering about the performance, but I found it refreshing to hear her sing again. Ms. Lauper is an ICON. Of course, Gloria Gaynor is a LEGEND and it was nice to see her on stage and to know that she is still strong and surviving. It was fun to dance to her singing. Also, I really enjoy hearing her music during the pandemic on the GLITTERBOX radio show. I’ve said this before, but MUSIC has really helped me get through this pandemic. I love Billy Porter, who I also enjoy hearing on that same radio show. His song, ‘I’m Ready’ is a great tune and easy to sing and dance to. I joke with my closest friends and family that he’s my cousin…lol! As for Ms. Day, I think she’s looking great as the newest artist/perfomer to play a jazz hero in her upcoming film. It also was very nice to hear her sing ‘Rise Up’ in TMSQ on NYE.

That’s it for today. If you care to, challenge yourself this week to play around with chords as you are listening to your favorite EDM song. I use an app for fun just see what chords are generated and to challenge my students to make music using various sequences. Maybe you’d like to do that too! Have fun, WordPress! I’ll see you next week.

Take care.

Peace, Love & Latte,


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