Lesson FAQs

Happy Friday!–Happy post-inauguration…Did you see those famous Mittens?! OMG!!–I’m so excited to bring you a video for my upcoming Lesson FAQs on Facebook LIVE. It’s going to be fun!! I’ll be on for about 30 minutes on Sunday, January 31st at 4pm. If you haven’t already, go over to my FaceBook artist page and sign-up. You should be able to ‘like’ and ‘follow’. See the link below:

In the meantime, I’m embedding a video showing you one of my several TESTS…lol! I’m working with a new camera and it’s been fun and somewhat of a learning curve for me. However, it’s super easy once you understand all of the cool features and benefits. Here is link to the video below. I’m also posting a video that I first posted here on my WordPress page:


So, I hope to see you all soon! I can hardly wait to hear all of your pressing questions about piano lessons, i.e, Is it possible to play piano wearing ‘Bernie’s Mittens’?..lol. šŸ™‚ Have a wonderful weekend…it’s been quite a week, right?!

Peace, Love & Latte,


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