Journal Your Qs

Hi there!–Hope you’re enjoying your 2021 start to the New Year so far. I’m personally MAD…at Punxsatawney Phil, the groundhog, for giving us SIX more weeks of winter weather. At the same time, I’m glad to be HERE to celebrate another Ground Hog Day.

Did you have a chance to check out the FAQs with CMajor event? If not, it’s still posted on my Facebook artist page (CMajorPorter). You may check it out over there. And, keep a WATCH out for various LIVE streams and posts. There will be another event coming up probably in March. Don’t worry, I’ll invite you to that one. Just do me one BIG favor, please. Please, please, please start journaling your questions ahead of the event. I’m going to encourage my Facebook class to do the same. The reason is that, I want to be able to address your questions ahead of time and provide answers as well, as needed. That way, when you tune in, you’ll anticipate the questions as well as the answers. There’s just one catch, if you want the answers to air LIVE, then I’m asking you to make it a private event with just you and your friends and family. The catch is that such an EVENT will most likely work best as an exclusive PAID event. That way, you have the privacy you need. You can feel free to ask further questions in the chat. It’ll be fun! And, you’ll invite me to do the EVENT for you on the platform of your choice. Think about it and let me know when, where and how you’d like to set up the EVENT.

Until then, keep thinking about the questions you would like to ask prior to taking piano lessons. The NEXT FAQs with CMajor will include NEW questions. It’ll just be questions and NO answers and I’ve decided to keep that EVENT FREE. Check my artist page for FACEBOOK LIVE announcements. I look forward to seeing you then. Until then, take care and I’ll see you soon.

Peace & Blessings,


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