So much FUN!!! The Ridgewood Music Family knows how to bring joy and cheer to the community!




Get the chords to play the song BELOW. Try CMajor’s personal chord practice chart. (Note: This is a PHYSICAL chart that will be sent to your address). Then, contact her for further discussion, consultation and a lesson. CMajor encourages her students to GO BEYOND the purple dot.


Hey guys! Thanks for watching, reading and listening. I just wanted to do a quick post to INVITE you to learn some chords along with my students. My students LOVE this video of us playing Everybody Needs Somebody to Love.* So, I thought I’d share the chords with you in the form of my own personal practice chart. I’ll tell you the chords to use to play this tune, but if you want to see the sequence, order the chart from me. Thank you and happy music-making. This song has already helped us as musicians, teachers and entertainers bring a lot of JOY and CHEER to our community. See the piano chords I used below. And, as an added BONUS, I’ll send you my piano track to play along to for FREE.

CHORDS YOU’LL USE: Try these in the form of basic triads – C, F, Bflat, Aminor, G, C7

*Our inspiration was the movie: “The Blues Brothers”! There are so many big-name musicians in that movie, many of whom inspired us when we were starting out on our musical journeys and some we still listen to on a daily basis. While it is a comedic film, the performances in this movie are inspirational, and to us, it’s a timeless classic. We all thought that with the team we have that we could pull it off, and I think it came out really well! We hope you enjoy our rendition of Everybody Needs Somebody to Love as recorded by The Blues Brothers! Performed by employees and friends of the Music & Arts in Ridgewood, NJ. Vocals: Diamond Temple + Dana Brown Piano: Carol Porter Guitar: Bobby B Betlejewski Bass Guitar: Christian Cordero Drums: Tori Miller Saxophone: Tessa O’Boyle + Jean Marsicovete Trumpet: Dustin Ciano + Zach Lefurge Trombone: Ilijah Denny Audio and Video Editing: Dustin Ciano



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