Our “Ridgewood Family Rocks”–That’s what one of our family members said in response to our latest music video project together. I agree. We had TONS of FUN working together VIRTUALLY! I would like to say a special public thank you to Dustin for making us sound and look amazing. We are very excited for the NEXT one. If you haven’t seen it already, check us out here BELOW:

I’m usually either writing about music and/or coffee culture. We haven’t hit the 1M views mark yet, but I’m excited about the views that we DID get overall. We didn’t get invited to Jimmy Fallon yet….lol! But, I’m excited about ALL of the talent in our family. If you haven’t had the chance to visit our family location, send me a private message and I’ll send you the link, personally! This pandemic has brought us closer together. It’s made me think about others instead of just myself. I’m more grateful now when it comes to making music and sharing it with those who want to hear it. It’s something that I think I took for granted.

And, speaking of coffee culture–If you’re interested, I’d recommend trying to play some GLISSANDOS on your keyboard this week—JUST FOR FUN, GUYS & GALS! Someone once called me a , ‘hedonist’. Whoa!–I don’t think I’m that, but I really do like having fun and bringing JOY and CHEER to music making. I take THAT seriously…lol! Here’s the drink that I’d like to recommend for this week:

GREEN TEA FRAPPUCCINO BLENDED CREME – Try it with adjusted pumps of simple syrup (“classic”), blended with coconut milk and less ice with creme Frappuccino base and top it with some whipped cream or try some on the bottom and the top. To get the “Madalorian” effect, I hear there is a secret menu option going around that involved drizzling caramel sauce inside the cup and on top of the whipped cream. I recommend this option for the ‘Baby Yoda’ look, but if you do that then substitute the simple syrup for adjusted pumps of vanilla. It’s just a suggestion. More music making and coffee culture to come next week…I’ll see you then!

Thank you for watching, reading, listening and sipping!

Take care.

Peace, Love & Latte – C.

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